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FINN-POWER 2500 X 1270



Dimension Metal Sheet

Mm 2530 X 1270

Movement Axes X

Mm 2584

Movement Axes  Y

Mm 1317

Punching Force

Ton 30

Max Positioning Speed Axes X

M/Min 80

Max Positioning Speed Axes Y

M/Min 60

Max Positioning Speed Simultaneous

M/Min 100

Number Of Stroke

Pcs 20


Siemens 880  

Max. Sheet Thickness

Mm 8

Max. Diameter Punch

Mm 89

Max Thickness Shearing Alluminium

Max Thickness Shearing Fe52/Fe37

Max Thickness Shearing Steel Inox

Mm 5

Mm 4

Mm 3

Stroke Shear

Mm 800 X 1270

Consumpt. Elettr. Approx

Kwa 17


Kg 13000






1) Turret punch SGS5;

2) RS 1250 automatic shearing;

3) Automatic loading system LD2500;


4) SIEMENS 880 CNC Control


1)The turret punch can punch sheets of maximum size 2500x1250x8 mm (min = 0.5mm-thick max.6mm) in Fe 52 / Fe 37.

 The sheet is held by three automatic clamps.

The cutting of the paper is by means of punches mounted on rotating turret is as follows: (FROM TOWER 20 MUTITOOL INCLUDES FIXED AND  INDEX).



2)RS 1250 automatic shearing: the shear angle is composed of two flat blades the length of 803mm to 1250 mm for the X dimension and Y dimension so that with a single shot can cut a piece 800x1250mm. The two blades can work together or individually. (Size a maximum thickness of 4 mm).


3) Automatic loading system LD2500: This device allows you to load the metal sheets from a loading table to the work of the turret punch press. It consists of a tire that movement depending on the size of the paper work from several active areas of suction cups (6 total) with which picks up the paper said. The size can be loaded automatically start arriving in 600x300mm and 2500x1500mm (more sheets from 0.5mm to 6mm steel fe52 /, also includes the key sheet metal thickness).


4) SIEMENS 880 CNC Control: This control allows you to store multiple programs, NC, to oversee the security areas of the punches, to modify the positions of the tools, etc.. The control may be communicating with an external PC through a serial port (baud rate 9600) and receives data from the latter.


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